The pleasures of Andalusia

A road trip in Spain’s far south reveals wonderful bodegas, beachside bars, seafood feasts and jamon factories. Last year Frank Camorra and Richard Cornish drove 10,000 kilometres around the eight provinces of Andalusia in the south of Spain, tracking down traditional recipes from cooks, chefs, butchers, fishermen, hunters and nuns for their new book, MoVida […]

Up in arms new amendment triggers debate

In Tennessee, hunting isn’t just a hobby; it’s a right. Voters in that state recently approved a hunting and fishing amendment to their state constitution. The amendment protects citizens’ right to hunt and fish non-threatened species within state borders. Supporters of the amendment say that hunting has been an important tradition for hundreds of years. […]

Part 2 | Open season: a powerful “conservation” group wants you to believe there’s a grave new threat to Ontario’s wildlif

Most potent are stories of “conservation abuse” – the fish “illegally speared” and “outrageously high levels” of game and fish killed. One of the federation’s most serious accusations was directed at the Moravian Reserve, which it alleged took “a million pounds of spawning walleye” from the Thames River in the spring of 1991. The claim […]

Part 1 | Open season: a powerful “conservation” group wants you to believe there’s a grave new threat to Ontario’s wildlif

I’m sitting in a smoky motel meeting room surrounded by a crowd comprised mainly of middle-aged men. Most, burly outdoor types, seem not quite at ease squeezed into the tight little rows of meeting chairs. Many wear khaki vests with badges marking achievements in fishing derbies, moose hunts or wild-turkey shoots. The sixty-sixth annual general […]


How to Beat the Odds and the Deadlines Long before your careful preparations; paring of necessary gear, getting into fighting shape, diligent scouting of game sign and long hours afield seeking that dream trophy (or an eating-plump youngster for the freezer), the hunting gods conspire to shape your hunt. The days of stopping at the […]