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Cool Tips For Coffee Drinkers

So, let me ask you a question.  Are you a coffee drinker or are you a tea drinker?  If you are a coffee drinker, then you will like what it is I have to say.  If you drink tea, then maybe I can convince you to switch and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.  For many who drink coffee it is a daily ritual.  In fact, real coffee drinkers will only use the best espresso machine plymouth mi has to offer to brew their coffee.  Anything else just won’t do.

Choose your brand of coffee

There are thousands of different brands of coffee out on the market.  What one person might like, others might think is horrible.  It all comes down to if you are a light roast, medium roast or a dark roast coffee drinker.  For myself, I like the medium roast that has some flavor but isn’t overpowering.

One thing that can be fun is purchasing several different brands of coffee and mixing them together to form your own unique blend. 

Your ingredients

Next, what is it you put in your coffee?  Many people will prefer to drink it black, which for me is a little overpowering.  I personally like to drink coffee that is filled with goodies.  The first thing that most people will put into their coffee is sugar.  Sugar can be substituted with sweet and low or other artificial sweeteners.  Although this might be a good idea, I feel it is cheating.

From there I like to put in a flavored creamer.  Now, depending on the type of coffee you are drinking the flavored creamer will taste differently than another.  This is where experimentation and trial and error come in. 

Whipped cream

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Finally, I don’t know about you, but I love putting whipped cream on my coffee.  The initial sweet I get when taking my first sip of coffee is wonderful.  From there the whipped cream will mix with the rest of the coffee creating a smooth flavorful experience.

No matter what type of coffee you drink or what you put in it.  Drinking coffee should be an enjoyable experience.  Take your time and really indulge yourself and your senses in a good cup of coffee.