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Tips For Creating Your Virtual Online Presence

The online universe has exploded and there is no stopping what is about to come.  With the development of the Internet people now have a global platform to express their ideas and to share their knowledge.  Writing blogs, recording videos and more are all great ways to get your message out to the people, however deciding on domain names new york can be one that confuses people.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.


Get .com if at all possible.  The standard for domain names has fallen to this extension and is considered to be the most desirable.  With a .com domain people will associate whatever you say with that extension.  So, if your domain is mygreatkitties people will associate above everything else.

domain names new york

Make it simple

Don’t make your domains complicated.  Don’t use numbers or hyphens in your domain.  A domain of will do where will be something that confused people.  Keep them short and sweet and you won’t have to worry about brand recognition.

Keep it short

Keep your domains as short as possible.  Long names are complicated to remember.  When we have names that are short and that relate to us specifically then a brand can be created.  For example is short and tells a story where may be descriptive it is too long.

Register for five or ten years

Purchasing a domain is inexpensive.  The longer you register the cheaper your per year cost will be.  Purchasing a domain for a year to try it out may only cost you fifteen dollars or so, and purchasing a domain for ten years may cost you one hundred dollars, but in the end you are saving money spending the hundred now then risk losing the domain in the future.

Domains are going to be your identity online.  Make sure that you find the right one and start to brand it as quickly as possible.  The older the domain the more weight Google will give to it and the more visitors you can possibly receive.